“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people,” Martin Luther King Jr.


Rev. King made this above statement in 1963, the year I was born, and still today this quote is relevant, unfortunately.  The appalling silence of the good people is alive and festering in all corners of our society today.  In our churches, schools, businesses, organizations, etc., we are encountering massive and widespread silence which some, including myself, would deem much worse than back in the turbulent 60’s.  Why have so many people, good people, have abandoned their God by not stepping up to the plate, and voicing loudly their disgust of the immoral words and actions of the evil Bush Administration?  Is George W. Bush one of the evil, false prophets of our time that the holy Bible has warned us? 


When every day, 11,000 children die of hunger in the world, and no one says anything or even sheds a tear, then why are the “so-called” good people not outraged?  When a hundred million children are living or working on the nasty streets, why are the good people not demanding Bush to help protect our children around the world?  When every day, 8,000 people die of AIDS-related illnesses, why are the good people not demanding higher funding for health care in our country?  Most of all, when the richest fifth of humanity is earning 78 times as much as the poorest fifth, the “good people” should be taking to the streets protesting against the disparity which is growing wider each year.  All these dire emergencies are threatening an ecological catastrophe worldwide. So, why the silence by the so-called good people?


Where are the good people’s voices hiding?  Are they hiding behind the nationalistic flag that they have been hugging like a false idol or god?  Has their so-called patriotism made them silent towards God, and all of God’s creations worldwide?  The prevailing, appalling silence by the so-called good people leads one to believe that they have turned their backs against God, our world, our country, our fellow human beings.  We should be challenging and criticizing our government for the immoral actions they are doing under the leadership of Bush, the madman!


Senator William Fulbright of Arkansas once said; “Criticism is more than a right, it is an act of patriotism, a higher form of patriotism, I believe, than the familiar ritual of national adulation.  All of us have the responsibility to act upon the higher patriotism, which is to love our country less for what it is than for what we would like it to be.”  It is hard to find the great American tradition of dissent and vigorous debate.  It appears that the extremely silent good people like to be door mats for our Thief-in-Chief, dictator Bush, as well as bend over and take it from our immoral politicians.


I wish Americans would remember that our Constitution makes it our right to challenge our government’s policies.  Our culture makes it our duty.  Raising issues.  Asking questions.  Debating options.  Opening our mouths, and speaking out against injustices, war, poverty, etc.  Our nation is in drastic danger as the Bush axis of evil (Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft) become more and more immoral, evil, and bellicose.  For instance, massive tax cuts have further enriched the very few, while jobs are being lost by the thousands, and deficit spending has returned.  In one year, the projected $4 trillion budget surplus has disappeared under Bush’s reign of terror.  While Bush continues the biggest military build up in history, including the National Missile Defense that could cost upwards of $240 billion, and another $600 billion tax cut for the filthy rich, the silence continues among the good people.  Bush actually wants to use nuclear weapons for the first time since Truman, he must be a crazy lunatic, yet the overwhelming silence is deafening in our country.


Honestly, what the hell are the good people thinking these days?  As individuals, they seem equally ignorant of their own power – truth to power!  The truth should break through the immoral silence, and shake up the good people to see the demons among Bush’s rotten Administration.  The religious/spiritual of this country should be rising up against Bush in revolt.  There must be a new revolution against our immoral and corrupt government.  It must start in our minds, hearts and souls, then educate yourself beyond mainstream corporate media, and do everything within your power to join others in overthrowing the most cruel and inhumane president in our history as a freedom loving, moral people.


As Martin Luther King said, the good people will have to repent for this continued appalling silence in the face of evil.  George W. Bush, and his cronies are murderers, and must be stripped of their power immediately!  As author and filmmaker Michael Moore puts it, they are all “Stupid White Men”.


We must choose peace over war, love over hate, and non-violence over violence.  Take notice; “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time,” Abraham Lincoln.  Dear Mr. President Bush; you can not fool me, and some day soon you won’t be able to fool the now silent good people.  Someday, they shall be chanting, we shall overcome!  For now, let us all unite in perfect harmony, along with God at our side, and pray for a better world. 


God bless the world!